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Supply Chain Bachelor's Degree

Undergraduate students wishing to major in Supply Chain Management have a choice between TWO concentrations: Transportation and Logistics, or Retail. Additionally, students seeking an International Business degree may choose a concentration in Supply Chain Management.

Supply Chain Degree Program

Graduates of the Supply Chain Management (SCM) program will find themselves in exciting and diverse roles in organizations where they will manage activities, such as planning and forecasting, purchasing, sales, transportation, storage, and distribution, which are required for the efficient flow of goods and services between the points of their creation and their ultimate consumption or disposition.


Supply Chain Courses

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Eight Semesters

The Eight-Semester Degree Completion Program makes it possible to obtain the Supply Chain Management bachelor's degree in four academic years.

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Research Center

The Supply Chain Management Research Center links students, faculty and industry to develop tomorrow's supply chain leaders.

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Transportation and Logistics Concentration

The transportation and logistics concentration of the Supply Chain Management B.S.B.A. is designed to prepare students for careers in carrier management and logistics management. Carrier management is the management of the domestic and international modes of transportation. Logistic management applies analytical techniques and uses the systems approach in managing the flow of materials into and through the production and manufacturing processes of a firm to its customers.

Basic employment opportunities exist in marketing, sales, and operations positions with carriers in all transportation modes, and in positions with shippers having responsibility in one or more of the areas under logistics management, warehousing, packaging, and materials handling. Opportunities also exist in governmental agencies.

Degree Requirements Eight-Semester Degree Plan

Retail Concentration

The Retail concentration of the Supply Chain Management B.S.B.A prepares students for a variety of careers within the consumer supply chain: marketing, retailing, franchising, brand management, market research, and data analysis. It prepares students for work in large scale retail operations, as well as science of selling to retailers.

Degree Requirements Eight-Semester Degree Plan

International Business Degree: Supply Chain Management Concentration

The Bachelor of Science in International Business degree with a concentration in transportation and logistics  is intended for students who wish to learn more about the international aspects of business, and it provides preparation for careers in logistics. This degree is also well suited for students wishing to continue their studies in law, international affairs, or graduate education in business and economics.

This degree requires completion of the University Core and Walton College Core courses, as well as course work in international business, a single foreign language and an area of study related to that language. In addition, students must complete a 21-hour transportation and logistics concentration.

Degree Requirements Eight-Semester Degree Plan

Supply Chain Management Minor for Business Students

The Department of Supply Chain Management offers a minor for Walton College students desiring more knowledge of transportation and logistics to assist them in their careers. The minor requires the completion of 15 hours of study with all of the courses applied toward the minor taken in residence.

Requirements for the Minor

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